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through the magic of shadow theater

Discover the Original Screen Time

This year, our children have heard many stories about a world in distress.

Now it’s time to let them become their own storytellers.


Through the magic of shadow theater, they'll create their own new worlds.

Learn more!

Shadow puppetry comes to life at the intersection of light and dark.

With its bold shapes and dramatic movement, shadow theater is tactile and full of wonder.


It's nothing short of magical.

DSCF2280 Fabric Stage w: Scene.jpeg

"Getting the shadow puppet kit at home is like getting legos for the first time. All of a sudden you have tools for your imagination that you didn't even know you were missing."

-Dan S

What makes shadow theater so magical?



Writing stories, crafting puppets, directing performances, and speaking dialogue bridges a multitude of disciplines.


The contrast of dark shadows on a brightly lit screen is captivating.

Endless possibility.


The possible worlds a child can create is as boundless as their imagination.

Even more, shadow theater makes playtime enriching.

Page to stage.


Children learn to take a simple text and make it a dynamic story. They are asked to interpret how a character moves, speaks, and feels.

Elements of Story.

Through telling stories, children learn the core structures of storytelling: 

character, setting, plot, and theme.



Children are their own best teachers. With a shadow screen, children can try anything and see –instantly–what happens.

DSCF2134 All Puppet Overhead.jpeg

We bring the magic of shadow puppetry into the home through our kits and courses.

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