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In the Media

Firelight was featured on KQED, the SF Bay Area's NPR station, on December 22nd. Listen here:

Shadow Puppets An Old Artform for a ModeArtist Name
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"The ultimate old-school screen time."

 - Brian Watt, Public Radio Host

Colleen Ballinger, Youtube vlogger extraordinaire, featured Firelight on her December 23rd episode. See us in action here: 

"Flynn loves it!"

 - Colleen Ballinger, Vlog Star

Wendy MacNaughton, celebrated illustrator and graphic journalist, featured Firelight as part of her Instagram 2020 holiday gift guide! Thank you, @wendymac!

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 7.51.14 AM.png

Yep, she illustrated that!

What Parents are Saying

"My children absolutely love the Firelight theater. My four year old spends hours making her own stories with the characters and loves playing with the shadows. My older children, ages 7 and 10, love to write, create puppets and perform full puppet shows for me. 

The included materials are great, very child friendly and beautiful. I’d highly recommend this innovative design for one of the most fascinating phenomenons: shadows!"

-Sara D

"Magic is right: The instant we opened the kit, my kids were running through the house choosing the best place to set it up and make a performance! Telling stories in the dark with shadows brings a hushed, special-time quality to something children naturally love to do."

-Sarah L

"Getting the shadow puppet kit at home is like getting legos for the first time—all of a sudden you have tools for your imagination that you didn't even know you were missing. We had so much fun creating stories with these characters. The best part was inviting neighbors over at night to watch our show from the grass. The drive-in movie of 2020!"

-Dan S

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