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"The Wonderful World
of Shadow Puppetry"


"The Wonderful World of Shadow Puppetry"

 Shadow Puppetry Programming

As we reflect upon these challenging years, and look forward to the coming years with hope, Firelight is proud to offer a menu of program offerings that help us think about, appreciate, and safeguard the "wonderful world" in which we live.

Shadow puppetry is an age-old art form that features the shadows of two-dimensional puppets cast upon a backlit screen. With its bold shapes, vivid colors, and dramatic movement, it’s a magical, engaging medium that powerfully lends itself to exploring the beauty and splendor of the natural world.


From assembly programs, single-session workshops, multi-session residencies, and even professional development workshops, Firelight can help you experience anew the wonder of our world and our unique place within it.

Consider Designating “Wonderful World” as a School-Wide Theme


Imagine the possibilities: different grade levels focusing on shadow puppetry explorations inspired by curricular connections to “What a Wonderful World!” Culminating with school-wide sharings, both formal and informal. Curricular connections include:




-The Natural World

-Environmental Stewardship

-Social Emotional Learning

-Environmental Justice

-Racial Justice

-Musical Interpretation


...And More!

Contact Firelight to discuss possibilities and brainstorm programming options together…


In-Person and Virtual Assemblies

Firelight Shadow Theater is now offering both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) assembly programs. Each assembly features a mixture of interactive segments interspersed with versions of shadow theater performances. Best of all, at the end of each assembly, Daniel provides a step-by-step demonstration for creating shadow puppets from scratch, as well as free online access to downloadable puppet templates and scripts.

There are two assemblies currently available; one for early childhood and one for elementary grades. Descriptions and outlines below. Booking now—inquire soon for best availability!

"The 'Wonderful World' of Shadow Puppetry"


(Grades PK-1; 30 minutes)

(Grades 2-5; 45 minutes)

$225, Pre-Recorded Virtual*

$300, Live with Q and A Virtual*

$375, Live with Q and A In-Person

Discover the magical world of shadow puppetry with Daniel Barash of Firelight Shadow Theater. Shadow puppetry, an ancient art form that casts shadows on a backlit screen to wondrous effect, is truly the "Original Screen Time.” For this assembly, explore “What a Wonderful World” we live in through shadow theater adaptations of earth-themed stories and songs. At the end of the assembly, Daniel will teach audience members how to create shadow puppets and a shadow screen from scratch, and provide free online access to puppet templates and a shadow puppetry starter script, so families can continue the fun at home. Live programs will also include an optional Q and A with the artist. See you in the land of shadows!

*If multiple institutions within a system are purchasing the same program slot together, slightly higher fees may be explored. Alternatively, discounts may be offered for multiple, unique bookings within a system. Let's discuss!


 Daniel has a rare combination: he is a fabulous artist and a talented teacher. Few can create and then teach what they create to 9 year-olds with patience and gentleness…I am looking forward to collaborating often in the future.”

-Laura Kleinmann, School Librarian


Workshops, Residencies & Special Events

$350 and up

With over 20 years sharing shadow theater in classrooms around the country, Firelight’s Creative Director Daniel Barash is now offering both virtual and in-person workshops, residencies and special events that are perfect for families, classrooms, libraries, rec centers, scouts, and even special events like birthday parties or family reunions. 


Make shadow puppets, learn performance techniques, rehearse behind the shadow screen, dim the lights, and share your performances! 


A workshop is one session, while a residency unfolds over a multi-session schedule. 

Multi-session residencies allow students to delve deeper into the worlds of both shadow puppetry and curricular content. Modeled on an Arts Integration approach to teaching and learning, participants first practice shadow theater techniques, which they then use to create performances that demonstrate their understanding of specific curricular content. 


Part 1: Daniel will introduce the history and art of shadow puppetry to the class, including foundational shadow theater techniques.


Part 2: Daniel will help students create shadow puppets that can be used to explore a pre-determined curricular area that students are learning about in class.


Part 3: Daniel will introduce the rehearsal process to students so that they can bring this curricular area “to life” behind the shadow screen. 


Part 4: Daniel will facilitate small-group rehearsals, helping students to practice their shadow puppetry presentations.


Part 5: Daniel will facilitate in-class sharing of student performances, and then brainstorm with students other areas of the curriculum that could be explored using shadow puppetry.


As shadow puppetry is a highly accessible art-form that appeals to both teachers and students, it is very likely that this “taste of shadow puppetry” will lead to many more explorations long after the formal mini-residencies have concluded.

Workshops, Residencies, & Special Events

Workshops, Residencies, & Special Events

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“Daniel went above and beyond in teaching, assisting students, and working with teachers…the students were very active and engaged when learning about curricular content using shadow puppetry."

-Patti Mattera, Principal

Professional Development
Negotiated Fees 

Daniel Barash, Director of Firelight Shadow Theater,  has been a Kennedy Center Teaching Artist since 2010. In this capacity, he has traveled throughout the country training educators how to use this magical medium with their learning communities. Currently a National Consultant with Focus 5, Inc., a leader in the field of Arts Integration, he conducts virtual Professional Development workshops for individuals and groups. Contact Daniel to discuss trainings in your community!