Ready to enter the land of shadows?

“We had SUCH a blast using Firelight when playing with our kids, and have told all our friends about it. Everything is so well designed, well-crafted and easy to understand...It was a joy to watch them make up their own stories as well as use the ones included in the kit.”

-Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom

Founding Creative Directors, Pop-Up Magazine

Step 1: Pick Your Stage Kit

DSCF1882 Fabric Stage Right Side.jpeg

Fabric Stage Kit

Screen printed in the Bay Area, our fabric stage is perfect for small spaces.

Comes with five pre-cut paper starter puppets.

DSCF1912 Paper Puppets.jpeg
DSCF1817 Left Side.jpeg

Birch Wood Stage Kit

Laser cut in the Bay Area, our birch wood stage is designed for a premium shadow experience. 

Comes with five pre-cut

birch wood starter puppets.

DSCF1867 Birch Puppets.jpeg
All kits include:
  • Starter story script to use with included pre-cut puppets, ensuring that the fun starts pronto!

  • Laser cut birch wood phone stand.

  • Dowels, paper, and adhesive to make your own puppets.

  • Welcome packet to walk you through the basics.

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DSCF2055 Welcome Packet 1.jpeg

Fabric Stage Kit

Birch Stage Kit

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