Let's light up kids' imaginations

through the magic of

shadow theater

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A shadow theater kit gives kids – and the whole family – endless hours of creative fun together.

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"Getting the shadow kit at home is like getting legos for the first time—all of a sudden you have tools for your imagination that you didn't even know you were missing."

– Dan S.

How does it work?

Step 1: Set-up your fabric or birch shadow stage.

Step 2: Pick your light source.

Hold a flashlight behind the screen, or prop up your phone using the included stand.

Step 3: Create captivating shadows.

When the light shines on a puppet, a shadow is cast on the screen for all to see.

Use a Firelight Story Pack, complete with puppets and scripts, or begin crafting your own tales.

Step 4: Craft stories.

"The instant we opened the kit, my kids were running through the house choosing the best place to set it up and make a performance! Telling stories in the dark with shadows brings a hushed, special-time quality to something children naturally love to do."

-Sarah L

See the magic in action.

While the exact origins of shadow theater aren't known, we invite you to watch this short performance to see how it might have begun over a thousand years ago.

Invite the magic of shadow theater into your home this winter.

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